More On Educational Differences Between China and America

In telling my students about the differences between American education and Chinese education, I pointed out that students who live in poverty typically have lower test scores than those students who live in wealthier areas. My students were amazed at that because they said the opposite was true in China. One student related in her journal that "The students in poor areas usually have a higher mark than those in rich areas because the students in poor areas don’t have advanced facilities. The all study very hard with the limited conditions. They want to go out of there one day. Since students in rich areas don’t treasure the things they own, they just waste." Other students related the same thing. On the other hand, only about 48% of Chinese students go on to high school so I imagine that the biggest percentage of those students who don’t go to high school at all (and thus don’t take the College Entrance Examination) are from poor families. Nevertheless, it is an interesting observation and deserving of further study.

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